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Welcome to the Garden of the Righteous!
Download the Garden audio guide on your smartphone and discover the stories of the honoured figures, the insights and all the thematic routes.
How to do? Download here the app, izi.TRAVEL:

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Audioguide Instructions

Open the app izi.TRAVEL and select “The Garden of the Righteous” from the map, or start writing “Garden of the Righteous” and select the guide that appears in the list below.

Memorial stones and plaques of the Garden are identified by a number. All you have to do is type it on the keyboard of this audio guide to listen to the story of the relevant Righteous and discover a small photo gallery dedicated to this person. Do not miss any details and find out more: just click on the name of the Righteous and a short text will be displayed containing a link to Gariwo website.

For some Righteous, you can also see original multimedia contents… Click on the ‘i’ under the name of the Righteous or on the three dots icon and discover Gariwo YouTube channel!

This audio guide offers even more: for every Righteous you will find a small quiz, a multiple choice question to “play” with these exemplary people... click on the graduation cap icon, answer the question and read the short comment!

You can listen to all the stories of the Righteous or select one of the paths we suggest. You will have a short thematic introduction and will find out the relevant protagonists.

Your guided tour can begin… Enjoy your tour and discover the Righteous!